Diesel Fuel Products

Protex fuel products are made to clean and maintain the performance of the fuel system in all types of vehicles, including gas and diesel engines from older models to the latest electronic controlled injection technology. Bardahl fuel system products will help resolve common fuel system problems like loss of power, rough idle, and lower fuel mileage, while maintaining the operating efficiency to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy.
34003 - D.T.1 32 oz.
Powerful Fuel Injector Cleaner Applied Directly Through the Fuel Rail to Quickly Remove Deposits

  • Restores the injector spray pattern for improved combustion
  • Removes stubborn deposits caused by use of biodiesel fuels
  • Restores lost power, enhances performance, decreases emissions
  • Improves fuel economy & reduces operating cost
94360 & 94361 - Diesel EGR Cleaner 64 oz. & Rinse 32 oz.
Complete Service that Safely and Efficiently Removes Soot and Carbon from Diesel EGR Systems

  • Restores proper EGR valve operation
  • Loosens sticking variable vane turbochargers
  • Removes blockages in EGR and exhaust systems, including the DPF / Catalyst
  • Cleans entire induction system including intake valves and combustion chambers
  • Restores power, improves performance and increases fuel economy
  • Safe for use with all diesel emission control systems, including DPF’s and catalytic converters
CRDI Cleaner
94380 - 11 oz. / 94382 - 16 oz. / 94384 - 32 oz.
One Tank Clean-up for Modern Diesel Injector Systems to Restore Power and Performance

  • A ‘one tank’ additive that thoroughly cleans a CRDI system
  • Repairs the spray pattern and increases fuel flow rate
  • Removes harmful external & internal deposits (IDID)
  • Reduces fuel system coking from all regular and biodiesel fuels
  • Rigorously tested using CEC DW10 methodology to confirm results
  • Restores lost power, enhances performance, decreases emissions improves fuel economy & reduces operating cost
94390 - Diesel Fuel Conditioner 11 oz.
Multi-Function Diesel Fuel Supplement Reduces Emissions, Restores Power and Improves Fuel Economy

  • Keeps injectors clean to maximize power, performance and fuel economy
  • Prevents deposits caused by use of biodiesel blends
  • Increases Cetane rating of fuel to improve combustion and reduce emissions
  • Enhances lubricity of fuel to protect pumps and injectors from wear
  • Protects entire fuel system from rust and corrosion
  • Suitable for use with all types of fuel injection and safe with DPF and Catalytic Converter